A woman claims she was forced to wear a jumper from the Disney World gift shop after she was told by staff that her outfit was in breach of the park’s dress code.

But, instead of having to fork out for an expensive item of clothing herself, Amanda DiMeo, who boasts more than 800,000 followers on TikTok, says the park wrote out a ticket so she could get a new top from the gift shop for free.

“Okay, guys, new Disney hack. If you’re wearing a shirt that shows a little under boob, they’ll write you a ticket when you first enter Magic Kingdom,” the 26-year-old told her followers. “I’m not sure about the other parks, but they’ll write you a ticket so you can get a free shirt at the nearest gift shop.”

Amanda, who was visiting the resort in Florida, US, added: “I just got a $75 (£50) t-shirt just because I was wearing a shirt that was exposing my under boob a little bit. So yeah, if you want free Disney shirts, that’s the hack.”

Many people commented on the clip, which has been liked more than 5 million times, saying they would try the ‘hack’ for themselves, however several Disney staff members urged people not to take advantage.

“Please don’t abuse this. They’ll just pull the feature and send people back to change. As a cast member, I can say that this isn’t always the case,” they commented.

Several others commented to say they knew people who had been sent back to change for wearing clothing that broke the dress code, suggesting that the ‘hack’ is actually incredibly rare.

Meanwhile, in a separate comment Amanda pointed out the hypocrisy of the dress code, writing: “Does Disney World not have two water parks and multiple pools where people show way more skin in front of children?!”

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