A Connecticut woman was captured physically and verbally assaulting a U.S. Navy sailor while he waited for some pizza on Saturday night.

Sean Nolte was picking up food in Berlin, Conn., on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 when the woman stormed in and accused him of being a fake soldier.

The woman can be seen cursing at Nolte, throwing his cap on the ground and appearing to slap him in the face.

“She storms out of the pizzeria, and storms right back in, progressively screaming at me ‘You disgust me, you son of a b—-,’ grabbing my uniform and throwing my cover on the ground, not aware that I am a real service member,” Nolte wrote in a Facebook post.

“In a last ditch effort to leave, she rushes towards me and slaps me in the left side of my face. Being in uniform, I must maintain professionalism, so I stand there and proceed to wish her a nice day.”

The woman has not been publicly identified, but Berlin police spoke with her Wednesday, according to their own Facebook post. The suspect said her husband is in the military, and Nolte said she flashed a dependent military ID.

Nolte is a sailor assigned to the Naval Submarine School in Groton, about 40 miles southeast of Bristol, the Hartford Courant reported. He’s also a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Harrisburg, Pa.

The woman has not yet been charged with a crime. Berlin police said they would seek an arrest warrant after determining probable cause.