Woman’s ‘free’ makeup routine blasted for being ‘unsanitary’


A woman has gone viral on TikTok with posts documenting her regular use of free makeup testers at department stores to get ready.

Amira Saskia has shared three videos on her account captioned, “Doing my makeup for free until I get caught.”

In the videos, the 18-year-old is seen applying a full face of makeup at beauty counters using the tester samples to complete her look.

The woman’s controversial makeup routines are all completed at beauty counters at London department stores like Harrods, where she can access high-end products by the likes of NARS, Mac Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury and Huda Beauty without spending a pretty penny.

Saskia said she uses the beauty counters as “mobile makeup collections,” allowing her to upgrade her look on the go.

The videos have gone viral, amassing millions of views and thousands of mixed reviews.

Tiktok user Amira @moroccanprincess does her makeup in stores and malls for free
A TikToker has gone viral for posting videos of herself using free testers at department store beauty counters to finish a full face of makeup.

The first video gathered 7.4 million views and 945,500 comments as she applies concealer, lipstick and contour while switching outfits from a white fuzzy coat to what looks like a black silk robe.

“This is unsanitary,” wrote @LokiTheGoodBoy.

“Don’t other people use these?” added @lishaa.x3.

“I realize that now,” Saskia replied, but that didn’t stop the wannabe makeup star as she went on to post two more “free” makeup tutorials.

Many commenters claimed to work at similar beauty counters and urged Saskia to stop, noting that the testers are often old and rarely sanitized.

“As someone who works in a department store, I wouldn’t use the testers if I were you we see some horrifying things,” @Kheera.xox said.

“I’ve never been more mad at anyone in my life,” @LukeBathgate commented.

“I’m terrified this has got to be a joke,” @emtruemann added pleadingly, echoing others’ thoughts that these videos may be staged in some way.

In a second video, which has received 2.3 million views and 273,000 comments, TikTokers weren’t the only ones judging Saskia. Halfway through the makeup routine, a young woman walks through the background of the video.

When she takes a peek at Saskia recording herself while dabbing on under-eye concealer, she pauses in the frame and gives Saskia a confused sideways glance.

“Girl not again,” said @lishaa.x3, now evidently a seasoned viewer of Saskia’s content.

“Oh the germs on the testers are screamin breakout,” said @Hk.xc.

“How to get pink eye 101,” wrote another commenter who, with the username @Tamara.soggy.rat, may very well be speaking from experience.

The final unhygienic makeup tutorial has gone viral with 1.2 million views and 117,900 comments from viewers who continue to question Saskia’s routine.

“‘DOING MY MAKE UP FOR FREE TILL I GET AN INFECTION’” wrote @shakilllllllll, poking fun at Saskia’s commitment to the approach.

Despite the overwhelming amount of judgmental and questioning commenters, others loved the video, often asking for more content while some even related to the scheming makeup artist.

“Loool I love Charlotte Tilbury skincare this will be me when I run out,” @JamesHolaway commented.

Some viewers took inspiration from Saskia, tagging friends to enlist them as lookouts amidst planning future attempts take advantage of the free “mobile makeup collections.”

“These make me happy,” said @coreytaylorswife, offering the most simple explanation there is for this hopefully not-infectious phenomenon.


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