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A Harare woman who is remaining sued for US$50,000 about alleged adultery right after having her best friend’s spouse is trying to get to dismiss the assert, arguing it is no for a longer time a section of the regulations of Zimbabwe.

Ratidzo Nyamuchengwa, who is remaining sued by her former buddy, Great Marufu, has due to the fact been granted the relief to technique the upper courtroom by Large Court docket decide, Justice Emilia Muchawa.

In seeking referral of her circumstance to the Constitutional court docket, Nyamuchengwa elevated a particular plea in which she argued that the claim for adultery is no more time a element of the laws of Zimbabwe as it is inconsistent with Chapter 4 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

The Constitutional Court is envisioned to hand down a landmark ruling following hearing her arguments.

Nyamuchengwa wants the courtroom to show no matter if the typical regulation of adultery is consistent with subs (1) Segment 56 of the Structure in so much as it will allow her to be sued although at the same time precluding the complainant from suing her previous partner for the exact same functions.

She also reported the declare is unconstitutional as it exposes her to the prospect of staying questioned on and testifying on intimate and particular particulars of her private, sexual relations.

In addition, she complained that it phone calls for scrutiny of and publicity of her alleged sexual liaisons or other relations with Marufu’s previous partner.

An additional query is regardless of whether the prevalent legislation delict of adultery is steady with subs (1) of Segment 58 of the Constitution in so much as it restricts her suitable to freely affiliate with any consenting adult particular person she chooses.

The Constitutional Courtroom is also envisioned to decide no matter whether the common regulation delict of adultery serves any rational and justifiable objective or object protectable below the Constitution.

The judge referred the make a difference to the Constitutional Court docket in terms of Portion 175 (4) Constitution for a dedication of concerns she lifted.

“To that close, the Constitutional Court docket shall determine irrespective of whether the frequent regulation delict of adultery sued upon by plaintiff is reliable with subs (1) of Area 56 of the Structure in so considerably as it lets the plaintiff to sue the defendant although concurrently precluding her from suing her previous spouse for the exact acts upon which she sues the defendant,” the decide stated.

“Whether the frequent regulation delict of adultery, as sued upon by the plaintiff, serves any rational and justifiable objective or object protectable under the Constitution 2013.”

The person at the centre of the controversy is Albert Mhondoro, who allegedly employed his wife’s price savings to marry Nyamuchengwa.

There was drama on the working day he compensated lobola for his new spouse, after Marufu stormed the proceedings, demanding her cash and gentleman again.

Mhondoro has given that dumped his family members and is now residing with Nyamuchengwa.

Mhondoro and Nyamuchengwa operate at Nuanee Zimbabwe, which is into cosmetics.

In accordance to court papers, Marufu and Mhondoro wedded on March 19, 2018 and celebrations ended up held on April 7, 2018.

Nyamuchengwa attended the wedding ceremony and acquired presents for the couple.

Marufu stated Nyamuchengwa enticed her husband and took him away.

It has emerged that Nyamuchengwa ditched her husband, Terrence Mawire, for Mhondoro.



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