12 Of The Best Hair Waxes To Try With Your Next Hairstyle (2022 Edition)


Whether you have a sleek French crop, an Aquaman-like mane of bed-headed hair—or anything in between—you need the right styling product to create your signature look.

Hair gel was once the trendiest hairstyling substance on the block. And while it does have its merits, if you want to avoid looking like a Lego character (or like you’ve been standing in the rain all day), the best hair wax is the way to go.

The best hair wax out there will not only shape your hair to perfection, but its pliable nature will allow you to touch up or restyle your locks throughout the day without reapplying any product. Oh, it’ll also make your hairstyle look natural rather than creating the appearance of a plastic wig.

But with so many products and so little time to test them all, how do you know which ones are worth buying? Don’t fret because we’re here to save the day. We’re going to look at the best hair wax for men while offering some top tips on what to look for in your perfect product.

Sounds good, right? Excellent, let’s get started.

Before we dive into our list of the best hair wax in existence, here’s a handy guide to men’s best haircuts and styles for a little creative inspiration.

This classic and creamy pomade-style hair wax for men boasts a mildly glossy finish and a solid medium hold that’s easy to reactivate by adding a little water to your do (great if you’re always on the go). Another cool thing about this punchy little product is the excellent frizz-reducing qualities that will avoid giving you that Weird Al or Sideshow Bob look on a humid day.

Finish: Mild Gloss | Size: 4oz | Hair Type: Frizzy | Hold: Medium

What we like

  • The tasteful gloss finish
  • The traditional, slightly creamy texture
What we don’t like

  • Guys looking to add extra volume might need something a little stronger

An excellent everyday hairstyling companion, TIGI’s Bed Head men’s styling wax offers a no-nonsense, long-lasting hold and a fruity yet masculine fragrance that will make your head smell wonderful. This is a solid option for a natural matte finish that’s heat resistant and does the job day after day. Oh, it comes in a cool tin, too.

Finish: Matte | Size: 3oz | Hair Type: All | Hold: Medium

What we like

  • The natural finish and inviting fragrance
  • The wax’s sturdy reliability for the everyday go-getter
What we don’t like

  • If you’re looking to achieve a slicker or more formal style, this probably isn’t for you

Old Spice is a surefire classic—it could also be considered the Marmite of the toiletries world. But if you’re partial to this most iconic of seafaring scents, this could be the best hair wax for you. Especially if you have medium to long hairstyles that you’re looking to add a little shape and shimmer too.

Finish: Moderate Shine | Size: 2.64oz | Hair Type: Dry | Hold: Medium

What we like

  • The flexible styling texture and subtle glossy finish
  • The classic Old Spice scent, in hair wax format
What we don’t like

  • If you hate Old Spice, you’d do well to give this a miss

This lemon and aloe scented, ultra-matte beauty will go the extra mile if you have particularly thin or fine hair. With a stronghold yet natural finish, this punchy best hair wax for men is fresh and vibrant. It’ll add volume to even the most lifeless of dos.

Finish: Ultra-matte | Size: 2.88oz | Hair Type: Dry | Hold: Strong

What we like

  • The wax’s hair volumizing and thickening properties
  • The fresh and breezy citrus scent
What we don’t like

  • This has no gloss to it at all, so it’s not the best for slicker, more classic hairdos

This moldable and durable luxury best hair wax for men sports a unique Cote d’Azur scent and a lavish texture that provides a healthy semi-matte hold for pretty much every hairstyle or type imaginable. While this decidedly top-shelf hair wax is suitable for every discernable gentleman, it’s especially good at adding volume and life to flat or fine hair.

Finish: Semi-matte | Size: 1.7oz | Hair Type: Fine | Hold: Flexible

What we like

  • The luxurious feel and texture
  • The lavish and moreish scent
What we don’t like

  • The price tag versus quantity might be a little eye watering for many fellas

Made for the ‘Modern Day Viking,’ this stronghold a matte number from none other than Smooth Viking is easy to apply and designed to sculpt coarse or wavy hair to perfection. Mighty yet natural, this styling wax (branded as clay) is made with a melting pot of fresh, natural ingredients that will make your mane magnificent.

Finish: Matte | Size: 2oz | Hair Type: Coarse/Wavy | Hold: Strong

What we like

  • The fresh concoction of natural ingredients, including beeswax and soybean oil
  • The wax’s wave-taming and sculpting abilities
What we don’t like

  • Some gents might prefer a hold that’s a little weaker and lighter

This sleek and glossy (and yet again) best hair wax for men is perfect for gentlemen looking to whip their hair into a strikingly classic shape. The wax’s firm hold and shiny finish are ideal for big glossy quiffs, pompadours, precise crops, and formal throwback hairstyles (think Mad Men). Yes, SexyBeast will give you the Don Draper look. 

Finish: High Shine | Size: 2.5oz | Hair Type: All | Hold: Firm

What we like

  • The wax’s firm texture and classic glossy finish
  • The impressive 72-hour humidity resistance
What we don’t like

  • This will not work particularly well if you’re looking for that natural bed-headed look

This lovely little water wax is excellent for separating hair strands and adding texture to almost every hairstyle imaginable. For a lighter, more natural hold with a super glossy finish, Fatboy will make a welcome addition to your grooming and styling regime.

Finish: High Shine| Size: 2.6oz | Hair Type: Dry | Hold: Light to Medium

What we like

  • The soft and easy to apply texture
  • The subtle yet fresh tea tree scent
What we don’t like

  • If you’re not a fan of tea tree oil or shiny hairdos, other products on our list will suit you better

More of a paste-like wax than a fully-fledged paste, Pacinos will add extra pomp to every type of hair while giving your mane that iconic barber-grade matte finish. This flexi hold wonder is excellent for everyday use as well as special occasions, and it also works well with curls.

Finish: Classic Matte| Size: 2.6oz | Hair Type: All | Hold: Medium to Strong

What we like

  • The legendary barber-style matte finish
  • The flexible hold and styling capabilities
What we don’t like

  • Gents with especially thin or fine hair may need something a little more specialist

This may be no-frills, but this worthy addition to our best hair wax for men list is balanced, strong, and offers a subtle matte finish. It’s friendly on the wallet while locking in style for hours on end, and the tasteful fruity scent will make your follicles smell as good as they look. Oh, and it also works with every hair type.

Finish:  Matte| Size: 5.2oz | Hair Type: All | Hold: Medium to Strong

What we like

  • The magic combination of quality and affordability
  • The strong hold and pleasant scent
What we don’t like

  • This might not quite prove enough for particularly curly or coarse hair

This creamy, waxy delight is the one if you have wavy or curly hair you want to straighten out and maintain a solid hold throughout the day or night (even if you’re cutting the most rigorous shapes on the dancefloor). It’s a sweet-smelling wax with a mildly glossy matte finish that is respected by style-conscious gents and hairstylists alike.

Finish: Matte | Size: 3oz | Hair Type: Wavy/Curly | Hold: Firm

What we like

  • The firm hold and impressive hair straightening qualities
  • The flake-free finish and indulgent texture 
What we don’t like

  • Not everyone likes creamy styling wax

Finished with a nostril-tingling sandalwood aroma, this original bamboo fiber wax is kind to color-treated hair and offers a lavish glossy finish for that classic precision-styled aesthetic. With a decent mix of hair nourishing ingredients and a good level of pliability, this final addition to our best hair wax collection will boost, manipulate, sculpt, and add volume with ease.

Finish: Shine | Size: 3oz | Hair Type: Color Treated | Hold: Flexible

What we like

  • The original sandalwood fragrance
  • The wax’s pliability and flexibility
What we don’t like

  • If you don’t like sandalwood, you’ve come to the wrong place

What To Look For in The Best Hair Wax For Men

Now that you know all about the best hair wax money can buy, we’re going to give you a few pointers on how to pick the perfect product for your needs—starting with hair type. 

Hair type

Yes, when picking the best hair wax for men, it’s important to consider your hair type. Different textures and ingredients work better with certain types of hair flow or density.

Some of the best hair waxes have frizz-controlling properties, some are more equipped for taming curly locks, and others are perfect for adding volume to thin or fine hair. Think about your hair type and choose a product that will work with it rather than against it.


Expanding on our last point, choosing the right hold is important when committing to one of the best hair waxes. If you have fine or floppy hair, for instance, you may need a stronger hold. If your hair is thick and buoyant, something lighter will do the trick.

The strength or intensity of the hold you choose will also depend on the style you’re looking to achieve, which brings us to our next point.

Style and finish

If you have a particularly technical or striking hairstyle, it’s likely you’re going to need something a little more heavy-duty.

It’s also worth noting that some of the best hair waxes are designed to create a completely natural matte finish while others are slicker and more glossy. So if you’re looking to style a classic pompadour rather than adding a little texture to long flowing locks, for example, going for a strong gloss finish is probably your best bet.


Last but not least, you should also consider the size of the tub you buy. If you need quite a lot of wax and style your hair daily, you’ll need a larger quantity than if you add a little product here or there to compliment your hairdo.


    • For the best and longest-lasting results, being sparing with the amount of hair wax you use is important. The overall amount you apply will depend on your hair type and density (finer hair generally requires less wax). For the most effective hold, you should start with a small dollop that covers your middle and index finger, applying more as required.

      With your wax on your fingertips, you should massage the wax into both of your palms, then brush your hands through your hair front to back for an even application. With the wax spread on your hair, you can then use your brush, fingers, or hairdryer (or a combination of the three) to mold your hair into the desired style.

      • The key difference between hair gel and wax is the consistency. Hair gel typically dries on the hair, creating a rigid wet look finish that’s basically set in stone once styled.

        Hair wax, on the other hand, creates a more natural hold that’s easier to touch up or restyle throughout the day when needed. It is less rigid and more pliable, making it a more versatile hair styling substance.

        • The most effective way to remove excess styling wax build-up from your hair is to essentially melt it away before cleansing the scalp and hair strands.

          Rinsing your head under hot water for two to three minutes will loosen the wax particles, making it easier for you to shampoo and condition them out. For particularly stubborn build-up, rubbing a generous amount of olive oil on your head before rinsing with hot water will help do the trick.


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