4 Rules to Help You Feel More Comfortable in Your Body


It’s something that we’re all after in our daily lives, feeling more comfortable in our bodies; and we can all place blame on the modern world or how we grew up, but when we feel self-conscious for whatever reason it’s going to eat away at our sense of self. This means we’ve got to figure out ways to feel more comfortable in our bodies and how we look. It’s easier said than done for many of us, but what are the best places to begin? 

Pay Attention to How You Talk About Your Body

So many of us are quick to use hurtful language, but this is naturally going to dent us in our subconscious, and this is why we may want to change our focus, especially when it comes to fashion choices. There are plenty of trendy plus size clothing options out there, but by practicing what we call “body kindness,” we can honor and respect who we are. 

Care About Your Body As It Is

We can focus on changing our appearance and undergo diets or health regimes in the hope that it will answer our prayers, but the fact is that if we want to change our appearance, it can take a long time, so we have to start from the point where we are more compassionate about who we are. We need to be more aware of our physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual aspects of ourselves, and when we tend to these things, that actually form the basis of who we are, we will feel more comfortable in who we are because we are wrapping that metaphorical comfort blanket around ourselves. 

Set Boundaries Around Body Shaming

Some people can’t help but make a passing comment when it comes to weight, and this can be especially true with relatives that are more than comfortable voicing their opinions. When we have overbearing parents, we feel like we’ve got to just take whatever comes our way, but this is where we have to learn how to assert ourselves in the right ways. Some people believe that asserting themselves to their parents is not actually the done thing, but this belies a lack of self-respect. If somebody makes a comment on the type of food you eat or how you look, you can always excuse yourself from the conversation because you don’t need to justify yourself to anybody. 

Look at the Bigger Picture and See What Doesn’t Tally

When we feel like we are inadequate in some way, we need to see what doesn’t actually add up and make notes of our values, commitments, habits, or goals to see what is out of sync. When we recognize that our values don’t line up with our words or actions, this can help us feel better within ourselves.

To feel more comfortable in your body is to feel more comfortable in who you are. There can be times when the environment does not lend itself to us feeling happy within ourselves such as social media, but the most important thing we all need to do is to shift our thinking.


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