Brilliant solution: Diamond care secrets

Careful maintenance of your jewelry is the guarantee of its beauty and durability. Your diamonds will shine brightly every day if you take good care of them. It’s easy to look after your jewelry if you know a few simple rules.


 How to wear diamond jewelry

    • It’ better to take diamond rings off at home. Particularly if they are quite large stones and the jewelry has a voluminous design. 
    • Avoid chemical substances and agents that are highly abrasive. Scratches and stains on diamonds can only be removed by grinding them on a special machine, which is not good for the size and quality of the cut. In addition, polishing cannot be done at home. 
    • Diamond jewelry should not be subjected to mechanical impact either. The natural hardness of the diamond loses part of its value as a result of cutting, and diamonds can become chipped. In the event of such a defect, the stone can only be resurrected by cutting, which not every jeweler will be able to do.
    • Do not wear your jewelry in sauna, gym or on the beach. These are the places where they are most exposed to external influences, such as temperature, humidity and perspiration. Skin secretions do not affect the shine of diamonds in the best possible way. Body creams and lotions or hand lotions also have an effect.
    • It is possible that the ring’s stone fixings may become loose through constant wear. From time to time, have your jewelry checked by a jeweler. It is disappointing to lose a precious gemstone.

How to clean diamonds at home

    • The easiest and safest procedure is washing jewelry in soapy water. For this purpose, dilute a teaspoon of liquid soap in a glass of warm water. Soak the jewelry in the solution for an hour and a half, then rub the stones with a soft toothbrush and wipe with a dry cloth. 
    • Diamonds that are not set in metal can also be cleaned with an ammonia solution. Note that ammonia may leave stains on metal.

For more serious cleaning, ask your jeweler, as a rule they use an ultrasound machine. Not all gemstones can be cleaned with an ultrasonic machine, but it is permitted and safe to clean diamonds.

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