Are you traveling to New Jersey? Fun things to do in Newark NJ ? A garden state located in the northeastern United States with some 130 miles of Atlantic coast. New Jersey is favorable for traveling during a moderate and hot climate. Spring and autumn are suitable for those who love travelling in a mild climate and summer for those who love traveling in hot and humid climates. For most of the tourists, winter may not be a good time for traveling as it is too cold in the winter season in New Jersey.

New Jersey travel would be the best destination for you as you will be traveling to the US’s garden state. New Jersey welcomes you with the slogan “come see yourself” as New Jersey is beautiful in itself, where you can explore different habitats in national parks, history, and museums and belongingness in people. You can get to New Jersey through buses, cars, airplanes, and trains. Travel costs are the same in all seasons as it is consistent throughout the year. Let others also know about these fun activities that could be done in New Jersey through social media and if you would like to have more engagement on your content check out Sociagreg social media services.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Newark Liberty International Airport is located within Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey. It is 15 miles far from southwest of midtown Manhattan and 60 miles from Northeast Philadelphia. Newark Liberty International Airport is considered one of the largest and busiest airports in the US regarding passenger traffic and flight operation. EWR has three passenger terminals and three runways.

Terminal A handles domestic flights and Canadian flights and is very close to Parking 3 at the airport. It is under renovation and will finish by 2022. Terminal B is directly operated by the Port Authority and located near A and C terminals. It includes ticket counter, baggage, screening, and other services.

Terminal C is operated by United Airlines of Newark Airport. United Airlines use this terminal to host flights of this carrier.

You can get different services in this airport, such as Restaurants and cafeterias, shops, Duty-free, charging stations, medical offices, pet relief areas, ATM, currency exchange, and concierge services. It is available for parking at Newark International airport.

You can rent a car from Newark Airport to explore New Jersey. At the airport, you can find rental agencies in station P3 and station P2. Passengers have to use a free Air train to reach the car rental station.


New Jersey travel offers you different hotels and apartments. You can find hominy hotels near Newark airport. If you are willing to stay in Newark for a couple of days, Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott may be an excellent option as it is just 0.1km from the airport. It has an 8.5 rating out of 10 for overall performance.

Besides this, there are other hotels near the airport that you can enroll with; all the hotels provide adequate food and luxury stay. All the tourist destinations in New Jersey comes up with great accommodation restaurants. You can visit different hotel websites and travel agencies to find the best hotel as your preference.

5 Tourist Destination of New Jersey

1# Atlantic City and Boardwalk

Suppose you are planning to visit New Jersey in the summer. Atlantic City and the Boardwalk is only for you. You can do surfing, kayaking, and fishing, exploring different beach activities. Plus, you can enjoy ocean views and also shopping near the beach. Transportation and hotels are readily available in Atlantic City.

2# Old Victorian Cape May

Traveling to New Jersey and looking for a Historic landmark? Old Collection of Victorian homes at Cape May offer you a national historic landmark. It is the oldest seashore resort in the nation. It presents excellent old and new architectural styles, known as the Victorian Style.

3# Liberty state park

Liberty state park is one of the prime scenic parks in New Jersey. The park provides biking trails, a liberty science center, and nature observatory for children, and fantastic restaurants to enjoy and relax with your friends and family. You can grab gorgeous views of the Big Apple and downtown Jersey City, playgrounds and liberty islands, and water sports.

4# Thomas Edison National Historical Park

You can get many history and knowledge about Thomas Edison when you visit Thomas Edison National Historical Park. You can see his workplace, labs, studios, and many other things he used in his lifetime. The surroundings are peaceful here. Thomas Edison National Historical Park is a good idea if you travel for a day with your kids.

5# Delaware and Raritan Canal State park

Delaware and Raritan canal state park provides you a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Carnegie, and the lines of trees add more beauty to the panoramic view of the lake. You will get a delightful feeling when you arrive at this beautiful destination. Be sure not to forget to visit these heavens in New Jersey. You may take a walk and admire the lake’s view along with the beautiful surroundings of the bird’s song.

Things to do in Newark, NJ

Newark is the capital of New Jersey. With more than 8 million population, Newark is one of the most populous cities in the United States. New Jersey is one of the tourist attractions states in the United States. Being the capital of these states, Newark welcomes many domestic and international tourists throughout the year. Many tourists visit Newark to explore New Jersey. The tours start from Newark to a different destination. If you plan to travel to New Jersey and want to spend a couple of days in Newark, you can do many things here in Newark. Here are some travel guides for you to know things to do in Newark before heading to Newark, New Jersey.

Nature and Parks

Newark welcomes you with many natural beauties in the city. The city has many Parks and natural sites to visit on. The three downtown parks from the Colonial Era are located in downtown Newark. It includes three significant parks: Military Park, Lincoln Park, and Washington Park. The major attractions of these parks are sculptures called a war of the Americas in Military Park. Riverfront Park and Riverbank Park are located on the banks of the Passaic River. These parks are great for its scenic beauty and its walking path.

Besides these, there are many parks such as Branch Brook Park, the most extensive collection of cherry blossom trees, Weequahic Park, and many other beautiful parks.

Museums and Galleries

Another thing to do in Newark, New Jersey, is to explore museums. The Newark Museum of Arts, The New Jersey Historical Society, the museum of the world’s first Ward, The Jewish Museum in New Jersey, and the Grammy Museum Experience Prudential Center are some of the major museums and galleries that tourists attract.

The Newark Museum of Arts is one of the largest museums that offer you many arts and natural science experiences. The museum contains science galleries, a children exhibit gallery, a fire museum, and a sculpture garden. The Newark Museum of Art also includes a National Historic Landmark, a restored Victorian mansion called John Ballantine House.

A walking tour in Newark

Walking around the city to explore its deep attractions and beauty is the best thing to do in Newark, New Jersey. You can start your walk from anywhere any street in Newark, New Jersey, as you will get a chance to explore Newark history, art and architecture, food and drinks, and its landmarks and sculptures around the city. While walking, you can explore the historical landmarks, new buildings, parks, and natural sites, theaters, art galleries, and yes, Newark Special foods along with famous drinks in Newark.

Classes and workshops

Newark may be the best destination for you if you are planning to learn art and architecture classes and workshops. By taking the Newark Museum of Art membership, you can participate in many events and workshops related to art and craftsmanship.

You can learn the old history and their culture very closely in Newark museums and galleries. Not only the Newark Museum of Arts, other museums and galleries also host and provide different types of classes and workshops for domestic and international tourists about art and culture. Many tourists visit Newark to attend events and seminars on history and arts nationally and internationally. If you also want to hear or join the membership, you can visit the art galleries and museum or take an online course from the galleries website.

Outdoor activities

There are many other things to do in Newark, New Jersey, besides exploring city history and its natural beauty. You can visit the market and explore local products for you and your family. The Green point terminal market is one of the unique markets located in Brooklyn waterfront. This marketplace features different vendors, foods, and other activities; besides, it offers you various outdoor activities such as Tarot reading, massage parlors, psychic, Tattoos parlors, Salon, and many more things to do. You can also visit jewelry shops, do paintings, make and buy sculptures, pottery, knitting, and other fun activities. There are plenty of local bars and street food restaurants where you can enjoy your food and drinks.

Five fun things to do in Newark, NJ

If you are traveling to Newark, New Jersey, with your kids and family, you need to know about fun things to do in Newark, New Jersey. There are plenty of fun things to do in Newark with your Kids and your family. So here is the guide for you about the fun things to do in Newark, Nj with your kids and family.

Grammy Museum Experience

Grammy Museum Experience welcomes people of all ages in the world of music. Trip to the Grammy Experience is a lot more fun. You can visit this place with kids and sing together with your kids for quality time. The Grammy Museum Experience offers a Paid ticket. If you are an adult, you will cost $10 or youth between “3-17,” then it cost $7. You can visit the official page of Grammy Museum Experience for more information and get a lot more information.

RPM Raceways

RPM Raceways is the best place to have unlimited fun in Newark, New Jersey. You can enjoy racing along with good food and drinks in RPM Raceways. The main attraction of RPM Raceways is Italian-Engines karts on a European -style track. Also, you can enjoy VR battles, racing simulators, and other arcade games, as well as luxurious bowling. RPM Raceways also comes up with parties and events for the family group and friends group.

New Jersey Performing Arts center

New Jersey Performing Arts Center provides you different performances on culture, education, and festivals. You can get a world-class performance from the performer. You will get a unique experience of arts and culture, and also you can engage in the events and shows that occur in New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Clements Place Jazz

Clements place jazz presents you with very talented Jazz Musicians. You cannot get over with the pleasure as you entered this Jazz place located at 15 Washington St, Newark, New Jersey.

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