Florida fashion show brining opportunities to new designers

Fashion week kicked off this week with the big fashion show coming up on Thursday.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — The nonprofit, St. Augustine Fashion Week kicked off Monday, offering different events leading up to the big fashion show on Thursday.

The show has been going on for nearly a decade, inviting designers from all over the globe but also giving young designers a chance to show off their work.

College Student Kyla Cote has been participating in the show since high school and now owns her own brand, Noelani the Label

“I was always really inspired specifically by the swimwear designers that they had in the show so that’s when it kind of clicked into place like with my love of the beach I wanted to do swimwear too,” Cote said. 

Cote’s swimwear line is hand-made to order sustainable material made out of recycled plastic. Her passion for fashion started at a young age.

“I really like bright colors and fun prints I try to make everything unique kind of things that you wouldn’t find in stores around,” Cote said. 

St. Augustine Fashion Week President, Brittany Alphonso says Cote is a prime example of why the non-profit exists. 

“It has really showed me that what we’re doing makes a difference. Kyla, being a part of it so many years as a student and growing into a fashion designer of her own and making bathing suits to order and full collections walking a runway it’s an awesome feeling,” Alphonso said.

“It’s been a great opportunity for me to show my brand that I think a lot of designers at this level don’t really get,” Cote said. 

You can check out Cote’s line along with several other designers Thursday at the Lightner Museum. Click here to purchase tickets. 

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