four Red Lipstick Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever idea about hacking your lipstick? M Crowd Influencer Julia teaches you 4 modern methods to hack your favored purple lipstick the use of Sephora Colour Riche Shine Lipstick in True Red, ahead:


Hack 1: Color Correcting

you know you can use red lipstick to color correct dark circles? The
red cancels out the darkness so your concealer can really do the work of
brightening up your under eye area. To try this hack, dab the lipstick
under your eye and then blend it out like a concealer. Next, apply
concealer as normal and watch your dark circles disappear.

Hack 2: Wing It Out!

can also hack your lipstick to create a bold, bright wing. Here’s how:
Use a slanted liner brush coated in red lipstick and create a fierce cat
eye. Layering it over black liner adds dimension and interest to an
otherwise basic look.


Hack 3: Better Than Blush

cheek color in a pinch? Simply apply lipstick to your cheeks like a
cream blush. Using a beauty blender will give you an airbrushed effect.

Hack 4: Fake Fuller Looking Lips

create fuller lips, start by drawing an X where you would like your
cupid’s bow to be. It’s best to closely follow the natural line of your
lips to create a seamless effect. Next, apply the lipstick — using the X
as your guide. Bonus: Adding extra product to the center of your lips
helps the color last longer.



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