Frozen beauty blender hack: does it make skin look more even?


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: don’t trust all beauty hacks that originate from TikTok. The app did once seriously tell people to start applying lube to their skin in place of a primer (no thank you). Now, there’s a foundation application method doing the rounds on the app, and it actually sounds like one we might want to try.

The hack involves only a beauty blender and a freezer – not the most natural of pairings, we admit. However, users who have tried the trick swear that by freezing the sponge before using it to apply foundation, you’ll achieve a much more even looking base.

The hack is as simple as it sounds: just saturate the beauty blender in water before popping it in the freezer for 1-2 hours. If it’s nearer the two hours then you might want to let it thaw for a couple of minutes when you take it out, just to allow the sponge to gain a bit of bounce back.

This beauty blender hack is meant to give you seriously even and smooth looking skin
This beauty blender hack is meant to give you seriously even and smooth looking skin

The method is gaining (or regaining, rather, as this is the second time the hack has gone viral) traction on TikTok this week, with the hashtag #frozenbeautyblender being used by over eight million people. A quick scan through a few of the top-watched videos is enough to convince us to give the hack a try.

BBC Glow Up finalist BBC Nikki (@NikkisSecretx on Instagram) is amongst those who are giving the frozen sponge method a try the first time it went viral around Christmas. In a TikTok video titled: “Have you tried it?! #frozenbeautyblender #beautyblender”, Nikki tests out the trick on her own skin – to great results.

BBC Glow Up finalist BBC Nikki tries the hack
BBC Glow Up finalist BBC Nikki tries the hack

“Skin feels cool. Glow, glow! I’ll be doing this again,” she says, showing how she applies her foundation with the frozen sponge.

Is there any science to back this hack, though? Is it just another pointless step in our makeup regimes or could it possibly be helpful to freeze the beauty blender? While we can’t see how freezing the sponge would make the foundation stay on better or last longer, it might help with those suffering from redness and puffiness – hence the skin-evening claims.

“Using ice in general as part of your skincare routine, whether it’s as an ice facial wash or an ice roller, can tone the skin, [lessen the look of] pores and reduce puffiness,” adds scientist Bruce Green, founder of SOS Serum Skincare. “It also helps to rejuvenate the skin and make you feel and look more energised.”

We’re sold!

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