Meet Mika Laujin, a Creative Retoucher Like no Other


Photographers, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, designers, and architects are all nicely-identified for their innovative function. Nonetheless, what would their final piece of art be like with out the collaboration of other artists?

Permit me introduce you to the most important photographers’ ally: colorists and retouchers. 

Mickael “Mika” Laujin is one of the most sought-right after colorists-retouchers in the industry, and a true artist and resourceful who shared with me his journey and what his get the job done entails.

Prior to delving deeper into his vocation and his function, let us consider a seem at what it really consists of, as it is mostly done at the rear of the scenes. 

Despite the reality that viewers may not instantly detect these facts, the most proficient artists are in a position to select out the tiniest facts in pictures, and the digital retoucher’s occupation is to make those visuals glance as fantastic as attainable devoid of drawing attention to the fact that they have been touched up.

Retouchers make the most of application and can spend numerous hours perfecting every single depth of the photo. Every single visual you see in your each day everyday living (magazines, adverts, cosmetics, actual estate, internet sites, and so on) has probable been retouched.

Besides respecting the integrity of the types in the images and maintaining in intellect what is another person else’s operate, retouchers need to determine what form of retouching will be completed and make positive to continue to keep the interpretation of actuality.

The place necessitates a significant level of creative sensitivity as properly as an attentive ear to fully grasp the tradition and the identity of the brand name. Energy and performance are crucial in the job. Each individual photograph or picture is the result of the collaboration of light and shade, and it is best still left to specialists to handle these aspects. 

An intercontinental career designed on travel, discovering, and creativeness

Initially from France, Mika Laujin attained a bachelor of arts degree in images in 2010 from the ICART Intercontinental university in Paris, the place he graduated valedictorian on both of those the diploma and yearbook. Through this time, he also studied video colorimetry and retouched his personalized photos as a pastime.

“Once I posted my do the job on line, individuals started out asking me if I could get the job done on their images. Which is how it all started. With apply, I designed my retouching competencies. Because I fully grasp light-weight and color, I am equipped to perform with photographers with whom I share a sense of symbiosis : we share the identical language and have the identical enthusiasm for photos.”

The comprehensive understanding of images Mika Laujin possesses has enabled him to develop into an skilled retoucher, and he immediately proven himself as a true expert and pro in the industry. He started his occupation as a freelancer in Paris, and has worked as a electronic colorist and retoucher ever given that. 

He is now doing the job for a submit manufacturing corporation in Los Angeles, in which he is also growing his scope to incorporate CGI (computer-produced imagery), which is swiftly turning out to be a essential component of professional images. 

In get to remain imaginative, Mika still procedures photography: “it’s significant since we frequently perform on visuals that are not our personal. It is also very important to know how to acquire our own perform in get to place our creativity at the disposal of photographers, consumers and artwork administrators.”

For the duration of his extensive vocation, Mika Laujin gained various awards, exhibited his get the job done internationally, taught masterclasses, is the creator of a reserve, and has witnessed his perform exhibited in prestigious magazines, catalogs, billboards and many other supports.

Especially, his quite a few decades of intercontinental journey and qualified encounters led him to work as a inventive automotive retoucher.

“I like car style and design and concept cars. I don’t have a wonderful passion for vehicles but it is a field I like to function in for the reason that there are a large amount of challenges to magnify the operate of designers and photographers. “

A Productive Vocation Created Within just the Auto Field”

A mixture of his engineering and photographic track record led him to pursue this individual line of do the job together with the issues of making an attempt to enhance the resourceful endeavours of others, this has been his key motivation and proceeds to be so.

In his perform, Mika Laujin does not design autos alternatively, he usually takes new types and tweaks them to make them look their complete finest by enhancing marketing pictures of cars, generally significant-end designs from models (this kind of as Cadillac, Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and extra), in a way to make them glimpse even improved. 

Mika Laujin is distinct in the truth that he is highly lively through the photoshoots : he works as a article-manufacturing assistant to the photographers, working jointly on the pictures.

“Being on the manufacturing ground will allow me to interact specifically with the client and photographer. This makes it possible for me to greater have an understanding of the venture and be proactive about article-creation issues. Due to the fact I am there through the shoot, there is fewer probability of frictions/troubles in put up-production. It gains the shopper, who has less items to offer with, as well as the photographer, who can do article-manufacturing on the established.”

Uniqueness and a deep understanding of colors are the keys to his accomplishment

The ideas of light and shade are one, and when artists like Mika Laujin function on a task, they don’t feel about the scientific information. There are several unique feelings that can be expressed with shade palettes, such as thoughts that are difficult to articulate in terms. 

“The harmony of colors and their depths give me an emotional reaction, like a painter’s painting or a musician’s composition. After an emotion is made, then a relationship appears. It is this innovative and psychological element that is appealing in retouching and grading.” 

Mika Laujin describes his design assurprising shades” : “I try out to shock the spectator’s sensibility with strange colors that are uncovered in character. By undertaking so, the viewers are often shocked by what they see, and will naturally commit a lot more time seeking at the photographs.”

Due to Laujin’s observations of purely natural color mixtures in character, his retouching operate creates very polished advertising pictures of autos with a good deal of associational and interpretive pounds. 

A flawless car, with vibrant colour and just the correct lights, doesn’t just portray the essential characteristics of a car, these types of as tires, home windows, badges, etc. it conveys the emotion that automobiles can evoke. 

If his work and experience evokes you to choose on a related path, you can observe Mika Laujin on Instagram : @mika.laujin

By Fanny Jacob
Images supplied by Mika Laujin



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