Mastering Monochrome Dressing – Jenny Cipoletti

Mastering Monochrome Dressing! My go-to, fail-proof, low-effort, fashion-forward secret. The gift that keeps on giving. Season after season, year after year. Shades of lavender, blue, burgundy, and beige. Not one color reigns supreme when it comes to picking one, and that’s the beauty. So what are a few ways to up the ante, you ask?


While there are times when one texture in a singular shade works well, it’s usually only done well in the form of a power suit. Otherwise, I find mixing various textures essential to create intrigue and interest. Combine silk with cashmere to make monochrome look luxe.


Always add an element of uniqueness to your monochromatic look. Be it a complementary pop of color through your shoes or bag. Don’t forget to bring in your accessories; this is what’s going to complete the look.


Yes, monochrome literally means “one color,” but don’t forget the lessons of color theory you learned in your 6th-grade art class! Monochromatic is defined as a set of colors with the same hue, scaled from light to dark. Just because you’re going for one color head to toe doesn’t mean the shade needs to be exact. Pick a deeper tone on the bottom for a universally flattering approach, and find a lighter version on top. Mixing deep gray with silver is one of the classiest combos, in my opinion. I will say there is one exception to the rule – when wearing black, ensure all of your items are the same hue! Otherwise, you run the risk of looking a little undone.


As with everything, knowing what works best for you and your skin tone is key. Pick your favorite colors and create monochrome moments out of them. Having a variety of pieces to mix and match in your wardrobe will be a lifesaver for busy mornings or uninspired days.

Here’s a roundup of today’s monochrome look but head to this article from a few years back where I share my 4 other favorite looks to style monochrome.

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