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In past website posts we have found shade inspiration in flowers, vintage labels, and the perform of William Morris. Now we acquire a trip to Paris and obtain inspiration from a few lovely pieces of do the job on show at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris. This is a spectacular museum, housed in an old railway station dating to 1900. The area is stunning in that it sits on the financial institution of the river Seine and is surrounded by common Parisian cafes and shops. It is finest acknowledged for internet hosting an amazing collection of impressionist paintings as properly as home furniture, sculpture, and attractive merchandise. I have had the enjoyment of checking out this museum on several instances, and every time I wander away experience influenced. I hope the artwork and coordinating beads that you find underneath will encourage you as effectively! 

Coquelicots – Monet

Dakota Stones Gemstone Beads, Inexperienced Terra Agate, Spherical 8mm (15 Inch Strand)

Toho Aiko Seed Beads, 11/ #324 ‘Prairie Eco-friendly Gold Luster’ (4 Grams)

Toho Aiko Seed Beads, 11/ #369 ‘Orange Creme-Lined Black Diamond’ (4 Grams)

Toho Aiko Seed Beads, 11/ #1205 ‘Marbled Blue-Tone White’ (4 Grams)

Czech Fireplace Polished Glass Beads 6mm Spherical Orange Multi Opal (1 Strand)

Czech Glass Beads, Wild Rose Flower 14mm, Amber Transparent with Picasso End and Turquoise Wash, by Raven’s Journey (1 Strand)

Status Crystal, #5328 Bicone Bead 5mm, Metallic Sunshine (1 Piece)

Status Crystal, #5328 Bicone Bead 4mm, Padparadscha (1 Piece) 


Bal du Moulin de la Galetto – Renoir

Toho Aiko Seed Beads, 11/ #PF2120 ‘PermaFinish Translucent Silver-Lined Delicate Pink’ (4 Grams)

Dakota Stones Gemstone Beads, Blue Sodalite, Spherical 4mm (8 Inch Strand)

Czech Glass Beads, Lily Flower 9x10mm, Teal Turquoise Opaque with Picasso and Copper Wash, by Raven’s Journey (1 Strand)

Correct2 Czech Fire Polished Glass, Faceted Micro Spacer Beads 2x3mm, Honey Drizzle (100 Parts)

Czech Glass Beads, Faceted Base Cut Drop 8mm, Aqua Blue Opal,Purple Bronze, 1 Str, Raven’s Journey

Czech Glass Beads, Sunshine Wheel 13mm, Ivory Opaque with Dim Bronze Wash, by Raven’s Journey (1 Strand) 

L’église d’Auvers-sur-Oise, vue du chevet – Van Gogh

Miyuki Delica Seed Beads, 11/ Dimension, #216 Opaque Royal Blue Luster (2.5″ Tube)

Miyuki Delica Seed Beads, 11/ Measurement, Opaque Inexperienced AB DB163 (2.5″ Tube)

Miyuki Delica Seed Beads, 11/ Dimension, #389 Matte Opaque Light-weight Terracotta (2.5″ Tube)

CzechMates Glass, 2-Hole Crescent Beads 10×4.5mm, Matte Blue Iris (2.5″ Tube)

Czech Preciosa Glass Ripple Beads 12mm, Matte California Green and Gold (36 Items)

Czech Glass Beads Faceted Rondelle 3x5mm Aqua Inexperienced Opaline Silk, Gold Marbled, 1 Str, Raven’s Journey

Toho Aiko Seed Beads, 11/ #1515 ‘Fiber-Optic Lawn Green’ (4 Grams)

Miyuki Delica Seed Beads, 11/ Measurement, Silver Lined Mild Honey DB1458 (2.5″ Tube)

Czech Fireplace Polished Glass, 6mm Spherical Beads, Darkish Neon Blue (1 Strand)









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