This Algae-Infused Night Cream Firms Slack Skin While You Sleep

More than 80 percent of our skin is made of collagen, a protein that largely contributes to its firmness and unfortunately degrades as we age. Our body also produces less collagen as we get older, so the double whammy results in fine lines, wrinkles and a loss of that youthful bounce, especially in the cheek area. One of the leading skin-care brands in the UK and one of our favorites here stateside, Elemis has a Pro-Collagen product collection, including this Pro-Collagen Night Cream, which supports and maintains the collagen in our skin. Here’s why it works.

The Benefits:

At night, our body temperature rises and our skin loses water, which means we need to “feed it” with extra nourishment and hydration before hopping into bed. That’s where this nourishing cream comes in. Uniquely formulated with antioxidant-rich oils (sesame and avocado), shea butter and the brand’s signature marine algae blend (red, brown and green), it leaves skin looking firmer and more radiant come morning.

In independent clinical trials over four weeks, 96 percent of users agreed it left their skin feeling smoother; 94 percent agreed it delivered long-lasting moisture; and 91 percent agreed it left their skin feeling toned and conditioned. In independent user trials on 116 people, the cream clinically proved to deliver both instant and 24-hour hydration. It also significantly reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after just two weeks.

I appreciate that it’s a rich cream because that’s what I want on my skin to last through an entire night’s sleep—when our skin goes into repair mode—and a little goes a long way. I like to warm it up between my fingers first (or in my hands, but I feel like I don’t get as much product on my face when I do that, though my hands get a nice treatment), so it melts really evenly into my skin. It’s not greasy or sticky, so I also bring it down to my neck and décolleté—the scent is very light and spa-like, too.

Key Ingredients:

Laminara digitata extract, red algae, padina pavonica (brown algae), sesame oil, avocado oil and shea butter

Price/Where to Buy: