One2Three Jewelry What are the fancy diamonds?

There are not only colorless (white) diamonds in nature, there are also other shades of this natural mineral.


Colors of fancy diamonds

Bright colored diamonds are not graded according to the GIA system. They belong to a separate group. There is even a separate name for them: fancy. Often their hue is achieved in the laboratory, but it is always more interesting to look at the hues created by nature itself.

Jewelers use about 10 names from the color range to get an accurate understanding. Generally, you will always see a dominant shade and a secondary shade in the description of a diamond.

It is also worth considering that a white diamond with a yellowish tint, for example, is not the same as a natural fancy yellow diamond. A natural fancy yellow diamond has a much richer and more vivid color than a white diamond with a yellow tint. Looking at such a piece, it is always clear that it is not a white stone of poor quality, namely a fancy diamond. By the way, the brighter the shade, the higher the price of the stone.

Black diamonds are most common in nature. Despite their originality, they are quite difficult to work with due to the large number of inclusions – graphite plates. 



They receive a similar hue thanks to boron atoms. They match beautifully with white and especially yellow gold.

This kind of diamond is formed by exposure to radioactive uranium. Despite this threatening formulation, green diamonds are perfectly safe. 

Formed by long-term exposure to high temperatures.  Due to their delicate hue, romantic appearance and possibility of using various cuts, they are most frequently chosen for engagement rings. They are considered to be one of the most rare of all fancy diamonds.

Other colors
 of diamonds

There are also orange, purple, grey, brown and red diamonds that are popular and often used in jewelry. The original combination of several at the same time.

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